Lily n Lona


2Lona has a love and passions for shoes and how you can change your whole attitude with just one quick shoe change.  Shoes bring happiness to almost anyone.  Her passion of buying shoes and having a shoe room eventually progressed to selling shoes, after Nicole J Wheatly of Nchantment suggested this opportunity.  This was such a fun outlet and addition to her social work and real estate life.  After progressing in the national Nchantment Shoes and Accessories company to the #1 consultant, Lona was looking for what else and decided to combine both of her loves and passions:  her doggie (precious Lily Saffire the Chihuahua) and shoes.  This lead to the developing and opening of Divas-n-Dogs in May 2013.  The goal of Divas-n-Dogs is to provide a fashion-forward fun and comfortable atmosphere for Divas to shop with the option of including their furry child.

1Lily Saffire is referred to lovingly by her auntie as the “CPO”- The Chief Pet Officer.  She is the boss of Lona and of most who she encounters.  You will often find Lily in the store greeting customers or resting, but at times you will catch her dancing around to the music.  Lily was rescued by Lona Memorial Day Weekend in 2009 and so this was determined to be the fitting time to open Divas-n-Dogs in 2013.  Lily was adopted via Chihuahua Rescue USA (Indiana Chapter) and this is the day Lona’s life was complete.  “I would never have guessed just how much joy Lily would bring to my Life”, says Lona (D-n-D CEO).  Lily was abused and not cared for properly prior to getting with Chihuahua Rescue.  This has made her a shy doggie, but the most loving Chihuahua you will ever meet.  Lily has been featured at many events, was in a fashion show on You n Me This Morning, was on a commercial for The Simspons’s on The U/WCIU and often volunteers at local nursing homes and visits sick children.  Lily loves clothes and often brings joy to others in what she decides to wear for the day.